If you've gotten work done here before, then you know exactly what to expect and how we work. If you're brand new, welcome to Ascension Tattoo! Here's a rundown of where we go from here.

First off, pick one of our amazing artists and set up a consultation. The consultation might be the most important step in the process. You and your artist will discuss what you had in mind and the artist will give you his feedback and ideas on how to take your concept to the next level. While you may think you have the perfect design, your artist may suggest something that expands on your original idea and just blows your mind.

Now let's talk about your deposit. Deposits are to secure your appointment. They aren't an additional cost and come out of the total price of the tattoo. For bigger pieces the deposit comes out of the last session. It pays for draw time and ensures that you will be there. They enable you to reschedule if anything comes up also. Deposits are nonrefundable.

Once you've set your appointment, it's VITAL that you communicate with your artist if you can't make the appointment or want to change something in the design of your piece. Stuff happens, we get that. Just make sure to communicate with your artist the second it does!

All that's left is to let our genius artists create something unique and amazing just for you!

Preparing for your Tattoo

The day has come and you're getting your first tattoo! Congratulations!

What now?
Here are a few steps to get you ready for your very first ink!

  1. Eat a big meal beforehand. It'll help you stay comfortable and keep you from getting woozy.

  2. Make sure you have a lot of water. Once again, you don't want to get lightheaded and dehydrated.

  3. Don't drink alcohol the day of the tattoo. Drunk clients = bad decisions and irritated artists.

  4. Don't try to pre-game with any kind of painkillers, legal or illegal. They thin your blood and excess bleeding makes getting a good tattoo much harder.

  5. You're going to be sitting for a while, some come prepared. Bring a snack, a non-alcoholic drink, maybe even a phone charger. Oh, and don't forget cash for a tip. Tipping is good. Tipping is actually very good!

  6. Take a shower and wear deodorant. We shouldn't have to explain this to grownups, but to put it simply, no one wants to work up close for hours with someone who stinks. This doesn't mean douse yourself with perfume or cologne either. That's almost as bad as skipping a shower.

  7. Dress comfortably and wear dark colors. This is a tattoo. There will be blood. Blood stains.

  8. It wouldn't hurt to stretch and maybe do some light exercise. You're going to be in one position for a while.

  9. DON'T PANIC. Find your happy place. Do some breathing exercises. Do whatever it takes to stay chill. The reality is, tattoos hurt and you need to prepare for it mentally in advance and deal with it in the moment. You got this. Just be prepared!

  10. Don't rush the process. Set aside plenty of time. Rushing the artist or the process will not get you a good result. Remember, this is permanent so take all the time you and your artist need to get the best result!